Paul Weller

Paul Weller Reveals Info About New EP In November’s SHiNDiG! Magazine.

The November issue (Issue 97) of SHiNDiG! magazine has a two page feature on Paul and he talks about his upcoming EP set to be released on Ghost Box Records. The 4 track EP titled, “In Another Room” is scheduled for release in January 2020.

Ghost Box has given him the opportunity to visit the outré corners of the musical spectrum. The label is the perfect home for Weller to explore his love of experimental tape music and electronics. The EP falls firmly into the tradition of music concrete but with subtle melodic undertones and was pieced together by Weller and his long-time engineer Charles Rees using field recordings captured during Paul’s travels and day to day life. – SHiNDiG!

You can read the entire article, including more about the origins of the collaboration and the release, in SHiNDiG! It will be on newsstands November 7th.

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I knew them (Ghost Box) and knew what they were about, so it was a great honour to do it as a fan of the label. – PW

In Another Room is a four track 7″ EP by very special guest, Paul Weller. On Ghost Box, Weller finds the perfect home to explore his interest in experimental tape music and early electronics. The four tracks here though are more than just experiments and build a subtly melancholic atmosphere from field recordings and melodic instrumental fragments. Previews and pre-orders available in December, released late January 2020. – Ghost Box Records

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